Monday, March 19, 2007


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>> I'm really sore...but, have to finish. Yipes, I really made an ASS of myself...clean, bare, pussy, and, all!!

>> My dear, Paul..he's forgiven my "naughtiness,"..Bless him, but, he still wants me to write it ALL out. Everything! Oh, dear reader, it's hard. I'm blushing, bright. And I'm naked as I write...

>>Paul said, "Take off all your clothes, and post it ALL on the SpankingConfessions Blog...Your cute, little, bubble-butt's going to be RED as you WRITE!!!!....I want you to tell it all, Amber..ALL!!...and, then, if you'll have me, I'll marry you...we'll be great together, and I'll be good...and, so will you!! NO MORE PRANKS!!!...maybe, just maybe, some more SPANKS!!! We'll see. Just finish it. Don't worry about what anyone thinks. Just write "THE END."

>> And so, here's what happened, on April Fool's Day---my Birthday!!---at my Sister's house (Floral Park, Long Island) :

>> I pushed Tina, sending her, ass over tea-kettle, into the middle of the living room. The two, naked girls, from McGeary's (Jen & Michelle), grabbed her by the arms, and held her. I walked, into the room, as the guys cheered, and Paul watched in horror, as I placed myself in the center of the room. I bent over, and touched my toes. I spread out, both legs. I exposed myself...fully, to everyone. My Birthday guests could see it all...vulva to it were. My bottom was outhrust..awaiting a stray hand..SPANK IT!!! said...but, no one did!!!

>> Okay, we'll have to spank Tina, I guess...So be it.

>> I ran, into the kitchen, and grabbed a chair. I brought it back into the living room.

>> "Amber, what are you doing...come on, this is going too far!!!," Paul screamed...but I didn't hear him. I was in another space; another place...not caring anymore...heated, and wet and wanting to spank Tina good & proper.

>> Paul, was trying to get through to me, but, I didn't listen. He was exposed...and, so was Mandy & Carol. Everyone knew...they all knew what happened on Tina's Birthday...and, I'm sure, heard about New Year's Eve. They've SEEN IT ALL...what's the BIG DEAL. They all want to see Tina get a good spanking!!!! Now's the Time!!!

>> I sat in the chair, and Jen & Michelle, brought Tina over. I took her, by the waist, and leaned her over my lap. Tina, so red in the face, was over my knees now; her ass, raised high, and ready for spanking.

>> "Paul," I said, " Could you open the cabinet, beneath the stereo, and give me the box, please."

>> Paul turned around, and I could see his ass-cheeks, peeking out....nice robe!!!! He pulled the box out, and walked over. He handed me the box.

>> In the box, (Such Planning!!) I'd placed four toilet-bowl brushes. Each one had a name on it. I took out the one, with the name, "TINA" written on it.

>> "Now," I said, "The one who started all this, is going to receive the spanking she deserves...and, I dare say...has asked for."

>> "YEAHHHH!!!"---someone shouted.

>> "Give 'er fanny a good warming!!," said, someone else.

>> "Oh, what? She's just as naughty as Amber!!!...go ahead, Amber..SPANK 'ER GOOD", shouted, a third.

>> And that, dear reader's, is exactly what I did. I brought down the toilet-bowl brush, and Tina raised her ass to meet it...again and again. She was crying, from the first swat; her ass-cheeks burning.

>> Carol, got up from the couch, and stood in front of me, looking down at Tina's bare bottom. Tina was, literally, quivering; shaking her ass...and raising it high; meeting the brush, head on. I continued, and didn't stop...over & over...left,!!!....

>> "OKAY, AMBER!!!---That's ENOUGH!!!," screamed Paul.

>> Mandy, standing next to Carol, said, "Ohhhh Tina!!!, Your ass is scarlet!!!...beautiful."

>> Mandy didn't care if anyone could see her backside. She was leaning in, looking at Tina's bubble-butt---red as a cherry!!---and showing her ass, for all too see. Carol, right next to her, was just as open; her crack was spread, and everyone was getting a good look at her asshole...cheering guys; shocked ladies..not knowing where to look.

>> As I was spanking Tina, Jen & Michelle, pulled their clothes on quick...they didn't want to get spanked!!! As for me, I was already willing to get my bottom tanned, as long as Tina had gotten what was coming to her.

>> First, I had a few more tricks & pranks:

>> I dropped Tina, onto the carpet, and she sprawled there, with her burning butt, raised high...rubbing with her hand, crying.

>> "Okay, everyone..." I said, "Tina has FINALLY gotten her comeuppance!!! It's MY BIRTHDAY..and so, Paul, Mandy and Carol..what I want you to do is..line up, in front of the fireplace, on your knees. I want you to take off your robes...but first, I want to dance with Paul...and he has something he wants to tell you all.

>> I walked over to the stereo, in all my nakedness, and picked out a special CD.

>> "September," by Earth, Wind, & Fire.

>> As the music began to play, I walked up to Paul, and kissed him. I took hold of his robe, and undid the belt...letting the robe fall off his shoulders..falling to the floor. We danced...and, as we danced, Mandy & Carol took off their robes, and shook their asses too!!! It was heaven...The gang, from McGeary's were getting an eyeful..and the women, were speechless...shameful as we were, there was something beautiful about our dancing. Paul held me close, and I leaned into his shoulder. The whole room disappeared...we were future husband...a life...a spanking...a Birthday....ALL. With friends. Friends.

>> As the song came to a conclusion, Tina reappeared, and was wearing a long coat she'd snatched from the hall closet.

>> "Tell them now," I whispered, to Paul, "Tell them we're getting married in September"

>> "Jesus, Amber!! We're both Naked! I want to crawl under a rock!! How could you do this!! I'll go along with your Birthday wishes...but you're gonna get a Birthday spanking, to end ALL BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS....after I've gotten mine!!!!"

>> "Just tell 'em Paul. I love you. I don't care if they see me...this is my BIRTHDAY... I'm naked, but they've all seen that...You like my shaved pussy..I'm so HOT!!! sooooOOOSOOOooonaughty!!!!"

>> "You're gonna regret this, Amber. I love you...and, you're mine..but, you should be completely ashamed of yourself!!! Go ahead....Let's get on with it."

>> You couldn't hear a pin drop, as Mandy, Paul, and Carol, in that order, got down on their knees, in front of the fireplace. Their clothes were strewn there; and now, all three, had their heads resting upon their discarded clothes.

>> Before Paul got down on his knees, he turned towards the guests, and stark naked, told them, "Amber & I will be married...husband & wife...On September 25th. I love her very much...and hope she gets everything she wants on her Birthday!"

>> The guests,let out a whoop!!! A cheer!!!

>> Now, onto, all three, butt-naked...their backsides raised up; readied for spanking. I gave two toilet bowl brushes to Jen & Michelle. I took the brush intended for Paul. Jen, had the brush, for Carol. Michelle, had the brush, for Mandy.

>> Everyone else, watched, as we proceeded to spank their asses with the brushes. Paul, let out a whoop, and his balls were tightening...anus puffing, as he spread his legs somewhat. His ass was crimson, as I spanked him HARD!!!...

>> ...He took it, red faced, and butt-burning...just as he got it, from Mandy's Mother. Mandy, meanwhile, collapsed, under the swats of Michelle. She rolled over, in order to avert the spanking, and spread her everyone a good, long view, of her open pussy. She raised up, and grabbed hold of the backs of each knee, and parted her legs...bringing up the rear!! Michelle, undeterred, let her have it---cheers, from the crowd---as she exposed her asshole...SPANK!! --SPANK!!--WHAPPPPpppp!!

>>Carol was getting a whalloping good spanking from Jen. Jen, it turned out, was a master with the brush---WOW!!!---and Carol was in tears, with a crimson ass, shaking, jiggling, cavorting, and quite excited...I could see, as I continued to spank Paul's butt-cheeks...his asshole now..passing gas!!!---(that Penne AlaVodka, working, I guess)---as I gave his buttocks a good warming. Paul's face was a patchwork of embarrassed, ashamed, as he passed gas. Everyone was speechless, watching his asshole puff out, and retract, spewing farts. I didn't let up, and let him have it good!! Both he farted....P.U!.!!! Paul!!! SoooSOOooo Naughty!!!

>> "Okay, THAT'S IT...Michelle, Jen...Thank you!! Great Job...I'd say, everyone's gotten their April Fool's Spanking...Now it's Time for my Birthday cake..."

>> "... AND A SPANKING FOR YOU, AMBER!!!," Someone shouted.

>> "SPANK AMBER, FOR HER BIRTHDAY, " Shouted, a second voice.





>> My face turned a bit red now...kind of self-conscious..seeing what they were seeing, but not wanting to back down, or be a party-pooper.

>> "Okay...I guess I deserve a Birthday Spanking."

>> I picked up the cake, and placed it on the carpet. It was placed, in the center of the living room. Everyone gathered around the cake, and left room for me to kneel down.

>> Paul, Mandy, and Carol, put their clothes back on. Tina sat on the couch, glaring at me, with a satisfied smirk on her face. She couldn't wait to see what I'd do...what shameful spectacle I'd make of myself next.

>> "Paul...light the candles," I said, as I crouched down, on both knees, with both hands at each side of the sheet-cake. I raised up my ass, and spread both legs out. The women let out a gasp, when they saw my pussy, gleaming wet, with both lips red; my asshole---my "rosebud"---so visibly open, excited, and puffed-out.

>> Paul, took out his bic, and lit the candles.

>> "Hey, Mandy...Turn out the lights!!," he called out. Mandy ran around the room, shutting off the lights.

>> "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...," everyone sang.

­>> I lifted my backside high, and raised up on both hands. I blew out the candles.

>> WHOOOOsSHHHHhhhh!!! Bare-assed naked, with my toes to the carpet, and my shaved pussy open...soaked wet...asshole puffing...everyone watching, seeing...completely smiling, happy,...excited...turned on, by my naughtiness...not caring who saw..WHO LOOKED!!! [Come on, Spank my ass!!! Give me a Birthday to remember!!!!, I thought, to myself, as I shook my fanny, daring someone to swat, to spank.]

>> That's when the light's came back on...and, I heard behind me, the sound of the front door slamming...........


>> I had no time to move, to cover up...I stayed exactly as I was, with my ass in the air....OOhhhh Noooooo!!!!, I thought, my Sister, and her husband...and Molly, NIECE!!!!

>> I couldn't move, even as the crowd parted, and my Sister and her husband walked into the room., along with Molly, dear Molly---17 years old---seeing her Aunt Amber, stark naked, on her knees..with her ass up in the air..butt high, on-view.

>> It was as if everything was fated to happen, just like this----completely exposed!!!---and, staying still, for punishment. OH NO! ...I could feel the heat rising in my face! I stayed, stock still, with my ass in the air!

>> My Sister, said, "OOOhhhhh, AMBER!!!!!"....WHAT IN THE WORLD??..AMBER!!! "

>> Paul rushed to Shannon's side, and gave her a hug...

>>"Just a little Birthday fun..that's all, Shannon...Amber wanted to get naked for her Birthday...and recieve a Birthday spanking...that's all...that's all...really!!!"

>> I couldn't move. My face was beet-red. I resigned myself to whatever would happen next. I tried to be light-hearted about my condition...make it look like JUST FUN---as Paul said---and shook my bottom, teasingly. You couldn't hear a pin drop in the room. All eyes, including Shannon's, at this point, were trained upon my upraised ass. Red-faced, I twitched my backside, and kept my head down.

>> "Ohhh, is that right Paul???" Shannon said, "Amber just wants a BIRTHDAY SPANKING, huh?"

>> "Yeah...That's right, as you can see...she's ahhhh, readying 'erself for a few good swats...ahhh..that's right...She just blew out her candles...and now she's got her bottom good and high and ready for spankingggg...ahhh yes..right??? Isn't that RIGHT, Amber???"

>> "Ohhh, Aunt Amber!!!," said Molly, "You're so naughty!!! I can see everything you own...OOhhhh My! Give her a spanking Mom. It seems that what she want's. Look at her bottom, Mommy. Look's like, that's what Aunt Amber wants. Ohhh, Aunt Amber, you're really looking for it."

­>> "Well, Amber...You just stay, just as you are!!, Shannon said, "We were able to get back in time for your Birthday Party...and, now you're going to get exactly what you want!!!!...

>> Shannon, picked up one of the discarded toilet-bowl brushes, and I lifted my ass high...She spanked my ass good, SPANK---SWAT---SPANK, again!

>> Her husband, and Molly watched, as my face fell into the cake, and I got a face-full of cherry & Strawberry sauce...whipped cream..all over my face. I tried to stand..I couldn't see, and bumped into the couch. I laid on the couch, on my stomach, and lifted my backside, with breasts full, and nipples hard...and Shannon threw down the brush, and held me down, and spanked both buttocks...over & over...

>> ...Shannon, took her hand off my waist for a second, and I rolled off the couch, onto the carpet, and rolled into the cake, covering myself with cherry sauce..whipped cream..on my ass...on my back...spreading my legs..crying...rolling over, onto my tummy...ass in the air again...and Paul gave my ass a swat, and Mandy, and Carol....

>> Shannon was laughing now...somewhat amused by my boldness...naughtiness..such shameless display!!! (On your Birthday, Amber!!)

>> I tried to shield my backside now, but couldn't..The cherry sauce was on my face, and I licked my lips, and tasted it, as each guest, one by one, swated my exposed, bare, bottom. My backside was raised so high, my perineum, vulva to anus, was a shimmering, wet, patchwork of crimson.

>> "Ohh, Amber!!!, Shannon said, " You've really gone and done it now!!!...

>> Tina shouted, "Shannon...Put her over your knee...she's asking for it!!!"

>> Shannon, seeing shaved asshole..and butt-crack, smeared in whipped-cream....and me!!!! excited still..with a reddened bottom...took me by the earlobe, and gave it a twist. She pulled me to my feet, and took the kitchen chair..sat down, and pulled me over her knees---my ass lifted, towards the ceiling---brought down her palm...smack-dab, in front of everyone, including her daughter, Molly...her husband...Paul...Everyone. Yipes!!! My ass was on it is NOW, as I write these words~~so stingingly right!

>> That night, long after everyone left, I stood in the kitchen---still naked---and explained everything to Shannon. My bottom, had welts after she'd got done with it. I couldn't sit down.

>> It turned out, Shannon, was shocked...but also, strangely amused, at the same time. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

>> "If you'd arrived a bit would have seen lot's more!!! Isn't that right, Paul???"

>> "Ahhh, Yes...that's true..ahh, Mandy was naked...and Carol..."

>> "....AND YOU," I added.

>> "PAUL!!!," said, Shannon, "Is this true??? You were ALL naked!!!"

>> "Well...Amber's right," Paul admitted.

>> "I'm not the only one with a red I Paul???," I asked.

>> "Paul???," Said, Shannon,....

>> Paul turned around, with his back facing us, and dropped his trousers.

>> Shannon chuckled...gaffawed...staring, at both of his cherry-red buttocks.

>> "You two," Shannon said, "are definitely a match made in Heaven!!!"

>> Our wedding, in September will be wonderful. I've written the story now...there may be more later. Who knows? Love, sweet love...always, your sorry, naughty, Amber. I got just what I wanted...we all did....Thanx/Spanx---for reading. Time for another spanking!!! I love you, Paul. I Love you, too, Shannon. ^___^ (HUGS!!!)

So ends, Amber's Confession....[SPANKING CONFESSIONS BLOG/April 9, 2oo6]

Posted with Love, by Cain.


Tiggr D'Amore said...

I love the story... very well done, Cain.

Now, how about sending me a story for Fantasy Friday?


Will said...

I've continued the "Amber" stories at

bottomsUp! peeps :)

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