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SUGASM # 68 :

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This Week’s Picks

First Client (“He buries his nose in my pussy, licks me while I suck him, rubs his mouth up and down me.”
His point of view (“Once he shut the door — urgently, impatiently, with a deft kick of his heel and a satisfying thud as the lock caught, all vestiges of decorum disappeared.”
Why is my sex ed class so sticky? (“This game was played for NINE years, and it’s only this year that parents are writing the school board?”

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Baby Bug Vibrator courtesy of Stiletto Diaries.

Hey! Cheers, to Sugasm! Thanks.

Love yez, Cain.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

"26 Reasons for The Birth of This Blog" :

A friend of mine asked, "Cain, [not my real name..ya know~~wink!] what in God's name, has possessed you to create this blog?"...

Pondering, this question~~which I've been doing, ever since I'd posted "WTF" [see: previous]~~all I could come up with were 26 reasons...and a visual; which has, (if you're counting) the same number, but no real link to the "reasons."

Here, then, as a "First post," are my 26 reasons for the birth of this blog:

1.) It may be the closest I'll ever come to starting a riot.

2.) It WILL BE fun.

3.) Nothing wrong, with a little ass, right?

4.) I like to share; particularly, when I'm bored.

5.) Outraged Puritans, (hee-hee) turn me on.

6.) Stories need to be told! (yes, they're "naughty"~~what of it?)

7.) "I refuse to surrender my freedom" [okay. So I stole some "reason" from the ACLU]

8.) Beauty, so it's said, is in the eye of the beholder. [This includes, @least, here..some multiple, and varied, depictions, of the Female backside..and, or, bum (see: Reference guide, in the side-bar, peeps!)

9.) I've fallen, and I've gotten it up! (re: the post, folks...the POST!)

10.) I believe, every man should smile as a woman walks away. (A fixiation is born!)

11.) Pornography matters. [Yes, I said that; and, so did Nightline (ABC network; 2/23/07).

12.) I have a hankering (huh?) to post a "hodge-podge" (that's old-timey, of ya!) of Literary "bottoms," & Spanking "scenes" I've come across in my reading. (I read alot; highlighter, in hand.)

13.) Smile. I really am serious..ya, know??

14.) What can I tell ya? : The devil made me do it! (not really..but, I'd like to think so, after-the-fact).

15.) Because, as Balzac said, (Honore 'De, friends) in "Contes Drolatiques" [Droll stories]: "I have left out those words which a little daring, might have offended eyes and ears; young girls as well as ladies who are truly virtuous, and wear out three lovers, who might have blushed and became indignant." ~~The Family tree, I'd say, needs a bit of ruffling!!

16.) The Suicide Girls. Need I say more?

17.) There's nothing more invigorating than a shapely pair of buns, lying across your knee. (You wanna spanking?? ya?)

18.) I know I'm not the only one who hugs, the beloved, while cupping his/her buttocks in both hands.

19.) I just wanna see if will overload & explode. Damned, if this isn't the next wave of Blogger malfunctions!

20.) Can I take back #19...and, spank Blogger instead??

21.)If you're gazing at the Slide (above) and not reading this, you'll probably be back here, visiting anyway. Come on, admit it.

22.) Are we having FUN yet??

23.) Because, it is always best..always, to be yourself. (Yes?)

24.) This is nothing more than a "First Post." (Spank it's butt, and let it breathe!)

25.) Do you want me to link you? Spank you? MAKE YOU SCREAM FOR MORE!!!

26.) Come on, it'll be FUN. I promise.

Ya All come back now,..ya hear?


Friday, February 23, 2007

WTF !!!

Knew you'd click to this!

Just testing....(I'm going to give this one a little thought~~just, a little~~before I begin posting.)

Let's just say: It'll be a place for my ever-expanding love, (or, fixation?) of the female buttocks: ie:...booty...ass..backside...rear-end....tush..tuckiss..glut-glut-Maximusesous [heh,heh..made that up!] get the idea, what.

Spanked, or un-spanked. Ummm..this may be fun!!

xx,Cain. [btw: any comments, encouragement, angry femme diatribes, shout-outs, or snappy insults...are welcome. Come on, bloggers: Spank my ass, or blow me kisses!!]



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