Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bottoms Up! Has Moved!

Do you know where I've ended up!
[hint: What used to be on "top"
is now on the "bottom."]

~~Ps: You don't even have to turn a "page" to find me. :)


Saturday, September 22, 2007

This Evenings Inspiration:

Seems the spanking world, here on Blogger, has offered up some inspiration.

The very naughty & insightful Todd & Suzy

posed a question on their "Thursday Round-table" : [Paraphrased] :

"Would you pay to have someone spank you? ....or, "would you spank someone, and be paid for it"

Ahhhh..such a question; such sweet

You can click to their site, and see my answer...butt, (!) take a trip to my bit of postcard sending, and/or, advertising, first,k?

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Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm working on moving this blog....(brb)

This is going to take longer than I thought.
I've got a bad case of the giggles...


Green Balls When Leprechauns Go Wild - Watch a funny movie here

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Keep checking here, k?? Thin Ice!! :

Sure. I may be on thin ice,

...I have a feeling I'll be popping in here w/ a story, or the mood strikes me.

~~Take care.

I know there's someone out there,
I can hear you breathing.


Monday, September 3, 2007

The Hell with Bottoms! Let's get Real (Politic) :

XX, b. ~~Special Labor Day Post (September 3, 2007)

Remember 9/11: Patriot's Day.


EDIT: SEPTEMBER 4,2007: ok. I can't help myself. I love bottoms too!
You know that ~~(cripes! read this friggin' blog, and you'll see it!)

Not to get on a Rant, or anything, but I don't think every friggin post has to be about backsides, ok?

I mean OTK is enough, sometimes!

There are more important things in the World than your ass~~or, some else's, for that matter.

Don't mind me, I left a long time ago: Brain-screw and med-ville are cousins of mine!

So. Are you happy now. You got me back here, just to show a little more ass.

Here's a cutie I found.

(See! I'm not the only one, who likes a good bottom...[spank*!!]


Saturday, September 1, 2007



Caught Peeking !

What you'll see & read here, is a "hodge-podge" of all things ass! If I end my "comment," at your blog, with the words: "Bottoms up!"'ll know, I posted here. (How's that for an evolving concept! ENJOY) THIS BLOG IS FOR THOSE 18, or OVER. IF YOU're UNder 18, Click, "NEXT BLOG!" (you've been warned! *spank*spank)

New York Time :

The Hot-Box of a very Bad Girl!!!

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