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AMBER ~~"bare as birth-time..." [Part Three]:

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Part Two:

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>> My planning couldn't have gone any better. I was so thrilled my Sister, Shannon, gave us their house. The party was shaping up, and I received RSVP replies from everyone on our list. Paul went out, and bought balloons, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" signs, food, and drink. Not everyone, from McGeary's bar responded...but, those who were "witnesses," on Tina's Birthday, answered, and replied, in the affirmative.

>> Paul said, "Maybe we should go to your Sister's on Friday night, and stay over. Then we'll have all day to decorate, and get the house together. It'll be great." I couldn't agree more. My plans, included the basement, and I wanted to be sure that the soda was stored downstairs.

>> I had so much going through my was all I could do to temper my excitement...I was getting so turned-on by what was, in the end, a fantasy. My bottom, bare as birth-time, would be revealed to all. Tina, that brat Catholic, would get her comeuppance...

...She's so naughty!!!---much more than I'd ever be. Tina was the one who started all this. Her, and Mandy, just wanted to spank Paul. And, Tina got to spank Mandy, also. The humilation, was complete. I wanted to give Tina her due...even if I got myself butt-naked in the process. Everything, was falling into place...and, in the end, I'd have all my friends at my Wedding---(including, Tina.)

>>On Friday Afternoon, March 31st, Paul and I drove out to Floral Park, Long Island. As promised, my Sister left the key under the mat, and Paul carried me over the threshold...(so sweet! )

>>We spent the day, in the living room, hanging a sign over the fireplace---"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMBER!!!"; hung streamers, and blew up a hundred balloons! Paul called Tony's, and made sure they got the food orders straight; he put the soda in the basement, and stocked the fridge with beer. We were up, past midnight, curled together, in Shannon and Rick's bed...We made, sweet love, with Paul kissing me all rosebud..and breasts. He spanked my bottom..a few good swats, as I rolled over, onto his hard cock. It was a great night...(Shannon has a big, four-poster, made of redwood. It was a dream. I felt like a Princess.)..Paul was, definitely, King...Master.....

>> "Remember, Paul," I said, just before turning out the light, "When I go downstairs with Tina...Get everyone quiet, and play the cassette I give you. Okay?"

>> "Well. I don't know what you're planning in that pretty little head of yours; but, I'll go along with it. Just remember, Amber: You may get a Birthday Spanking, also."

>> "Oh, Paul...I know...I really do, know that. It's gonna be'll see."

>> "I'll go along with, whatever you say on the tape. It's a promise.."

>>.."Thank you, Paul. I love you."

>> "I love you, too. After you blow out the candles on your cake, I'll announce our Wedding Plans...okay?"

>> "That would be great."

>> And, with that, we turned off the light, and spooned...and slept. My bottom, may have been a little rosy...but, not as RED as it would be on April Fool's Night!!!. As would be, my face...for all of my careful planning. Onward, to April Fool's Day, and my Birthday Party!:
>>Everyone arrived, and the party was in full swing. Mandy and I danced, and we shook our booty's!!! Tina, danced too!..( I was surprised to see, she wasn't wearing panties. Her butt-cheeks were peeking out; as she swayed, and dipped. There were some changes in Tina...she seemed less...well, religious, if the truth be told--[what was up with that??]
>>At 10 plans would commence, and everything I hoped to happen, would happen. I wish now, I could take back some of my "naughtiness"~~nastiness, really~~..but, like I said earlier: sometimes, we just don't consider the consequences.
>> I made sure I offerred Tina a Rum & Coke, earlier in the evening. She took to them, like a fish to water. At 10 p.m...with both of us, somewhat loopy, I told her that we'd run out of Coke.
>> "Come on downstairs with me. I'll get a couple more bottles...."
>> "Okaaay!!!, Said Tina.
>> I looked over at Paul. He was standing near the sound system. He had the cassette tape all ready to roll. He'd placed the Birthday cake on the kitchen table, but held off...knowing, I had my April Fool's Day Prank set up. He was kinda red in the anticipatory as I was...Wow! This was going to be great! Oh, Tina...naughty girl, you! Should have worn panties!!!
>> This is the point, at which, the Evenings events, begin to merge, (in Memory) with Paul's. I went downstairs, to the basement, with Tina. Paul, in the meantime, played the "voice-tape," I'd recorded, a week before:
>> "Hello, Everyone...My good friends, and the great crowd from McGeary's!!! Thank you, for coming to my Birthday Party. It's been an interesting year, filled with lot's of naughty least, those things you've been witness to, on Tina's Birthday (July 3td, 2005), and all the talk it generated. You've seen me in my Birthday, I don't think it'll be a shock to see me, such. Let me say this though...I want a few people---MY FRIENDS---to join me. You've seen them Naked before, so I ask, before I come back upstairs----MANDY, CAROL, and PAUL....Please, remove your clothes, and place them in front of the fireplace. I've hung four robes, in the hallway closet, for you to wear....take off your clothes---ALL YOUR CLOTHES!!---and, put on a robe. You can use the bathroom, or the study...and change into the robes. By the time, Tina & I enter the living room...I want you naked...and wearing a robe!!!" Don't fail me in this...You know Tina's gonna get her's.....but, yes, so will I...and, maybe even, you, Mandy, or Carol....or, my dear, Paul. If anyone else want's to get naked, and dance!!!....go for it...Bare bottoms, ALL"
>> I picked up a 32 liter bottle of Coke, and---making sure it was shook up good, earlier---opened it, right on Tina, and myself. I sprayed the soda, all over Tina's shirt, and mini-skirt, and managed to cover myself, in Soda, also.
>> "Oh, I'm so sorry, Tina...Jeez, what happened! I can wash your clothes! Take them off. We'll put our clothes in the washing machine! They'll be clean & dry, in no time..."
>> "Jeepers! I'm so embarrassed. I'm not wearing panties! What am I gonna do?...
>> "Don't worry. It's my Birthday, and it doesn't matter what anyone thinks! I'll wear my Birthday'll take my clothes, and I'll put yours in the washing machine."
>> "Oh,'re a dear!! Thank you!...maybe, I'll give you that Birthday spanking, after all."
>> "You can. I'm being naughty...but, it's my Birthday, and I can do whatever I wish. Paul told me so. Hurry up now...Take off those clothes, and put 'em in the washer," I told Tina, as I began undoing my pants.
>> And that, dear readers, was the beginning of my END!
[To be continued.....] Love,, but, soon-to-be-married!!
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