Wednesday, March 14, 2007

AMBER~~"Anything You Want"... (Part Four)

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>> It couldn't have gone any better. There was Tina, unclasping her mini-skirt, and letting it fall. I was so excited. Everything was going, exactly as I planned it. I hoped, as Tina unhooked her bra, everything upstairs was going as well.

>> Of course, what was happening upstairs, really was up to Paul. Would he go along with my requests, and take off his clothes---put on a robe?? I had to hope he would. He told me: anything YOU WANT on your Birthday...and, I was sure he'd go along with whatever I asked. He was mine..mine, always. I trusted his judgement, and would be marrying him...yes!

>> Everyone saw US NAKED!!! It made NO difference, anymore.

>>I started the washer, and as the water ran in, said, "Ah, Jeez, the soap powder..where is it? I guess my Sister has it in one of the closets down here...let me look."

>> [Tina stood in front of the washer. She was bare-ass, naked, leaning over..peering into the washer, as the water ran. Her bottom was a "bubble-butt," ---just like mine, really..shapely, and those two mounds, those ass-cheeks, were as ready for spanking as they'd ever be. So naughty, Tina...You've wanted this, I thought to myself, and now, sweet-lord, you're gonna get it. ]

>> I left her there. Still dressed, I went into the next room, and opened a closet..slammed the door...and, and returned to Tina.

>> "Hey, Tina..." I said, while slamming the washer cover down, and starting it up, without soap, "...looks like we'll have to wash your DIRTY clothes, without soap!!!"

>> I dropped my pants, and threw off my shoes and ankle socks. I lifted my tee-shirt, over my head. I took down my panties, and threw them across the room. Now, both Tina and I, were nude. Bare-bottom, naked-as-the-day-we-were-born.

>> Tina stared at my pussy...shaved, hair!

>> "Oh, Amber!!! You're completely shaved..down-below!!"

>> "That's right, smarty pants!!!...and, you're going to go upstairs..just like ME!!! NAKED!!!.

>>"Oh...OHHHhhhOOOhh no...NO I'm NOTttttttt," she screamed, as I grabbed a hold of her ear, and twisted it. I pulled Tina towards, the basement steps.

>>Meanwhile Upstairs, in the Living Room:

>>Paul, and everyone else, had listened to my voice on the cassettte tape. There were two girls, from McGeary's, who decided to take off their clothes~~they were single, and had been at Tina's Birthday Party, so they knew what was up, and thought it'd be cool to join in. They shed their clothes, and pranced, and danced.

>>Paul laughed, and turned up the music. He stood near the sound system, with Mandy. They watched the two girls dancing, and shaking their asses....oblivious to the stares, and cat-calls, from the guys.

>> "So, what do you think, Mandy? Wanna get naked? It's Amber's Birthday..I promised her, she'd get whatever she wants."

>> "It seems like she WANTS to make an ASS of herself...and, ALL OF US! Well...I'll be happy to give her what she wants. She's still my friend, but I'm going to enjoy seeing her over my knee!!! A BIRTHDAY SPANKING FOR HER, Paul!!! NO KIDDING. I'll take it off, and put on a robe...I'm sure Carol will too...Just to see her...get it GOOD!!!"

>> "We're going to get married, ya know?"

>> "Really!!! Wow!!! Paul...that's wonderful...Get me a robe!! It's time to get NAKED!!!! CAROL!!!..."...she called, across the room, "Are you ready to take it off..for AMBER'S BIRTHDAY!!"

>>When I opened the basement door, and entered the kitchen, with Tina, I noticed the Birthday cake wasn't on the kitchen table. The music was going, full blast.

>> I tugged on Tina's ear, and smacked her on the ass...WHAPppp!!!....right into the living room.

>> Tina was red-faced, and holding her hands over her pussy; shielding her nakedness, as best she could. The sight, meeting my eyes, in the living room was exactly as I planned:

>> Paul, Mandy, and Carol, were wearing their robes. I could see they were naked, beneath..yes, they were. They stared at Tina, and I...taking us in. Unbelieving..shocked. I recognized the two girls from the bar...they were beautiful, bending over, and licking their lips...dancing, as the rest stood, staring at Tina's red face. I was excited, hot...ready for anything. I stood, next to Tina, with my shaved pussy, could see everything...out there...butt-clean, naked, on my Birthday...ready for a spank-fest to occur...not caring, who saw, who watched, who got a cherry-red bottom...bright pink, pussy!!! gleaming, wet.

>>Upcoming : Part Five ...I'm still naked, as I write.

[Paul spanked me good, after reading "Part TWO".....Stay tuned, for the comeuppance of a lifetime...Thank you,'re my love...and, I blush crimson, thinking about how naughty I've been. How can you want to be with me??? I'm sure I'll be sore, when I write PART FIVE!!! OhhhhhhHHHH, my poor bottom is REDDDDDDDddddddd!!!. Kisses, Amber]

Love yez, Cain. 3/14/07.

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