Monday, March 5, 2007

Personal History ~ ~ "Early Influences" :

So, how does it begin, this focal-point upon the female buttocks; thoughts of OTK spankings; the constant, "male gaze," watching, a sway of the hips, on a crowded sidewalk~~(These hips, being the only ones you see before you.)

You reach inside your memory...CORRECTION: I reach inside MY memory banks, for an answer. There, somewhere in the left hemisphere of my brain ~~not my ass!~~lies the answer.

[Think, Cain, Think, a voice says, (my own)...It's there. You may have to go back to childhood...what's a first image??..."first chubby, per say????]

That's It alright. The Coppertone kid, and that little black dog! Damn! I'd feast my 5, or 6 year old eyes upon that bare bottom, and yes!...I admit it:"CHUBBY"..

These's kinda the same....only, the Coppertone kid, has grown up...GO GATORS (and I'm from NEW YORK!!!) ^_^

xx,Cain. 3/5/07.

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