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AMBER ~~"here goes..." [PART TWO] :

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>> Last night, I snuggled up, with Paul, and we went over everything that happened on April Fool's Day. It's true: I made an ass of myself..but, in the end it was worth it.

>> Here goes, with it all. I promised Paul I'd write it all down, right here, on the Spanking Confessions Blog...The perfect place, for such stories.

(Paul...such a dear, sweet man, took me into his life, and showed me another way of being. Sure, he's got faults, and has encountered foilbles, just like me..and, that, Spanko readers, is exactly what I've wanted in my life...a normal person, not afraid of the faults; able to get past and work through them.) It's love, plain & simple...in a world where too many couples just want to call it quits, and forget about it. Mandy, never could see that. Paul is from England, and went to boarding school, and had a very different upbringing than her. She just wanted to get rid of him, and used Tina---the "punishment"---to let him go. I know that...know, it's true.

>> So, tonight, here I sit, at the lap-top, telling the tale. I've taken off my clothes. I'm bare-assed, naked. My butt-cheeks are resting upon two, soft, pillows. I got exactly what I WANTED for my BIRTHDAY!!

All of my friends, are friends with me again. They'll all be at the Wedding, in June (2008); including, Tina's Parents, and Mr. & Mrs. McKirby (Mandy's Mom & Dad).
>> So much happened, on April Fool's, which I didn't see~~(Paul did, though, and, he filled in the blanks) Of course, my planning, didn't go completely well. I can only blush at what took place...Wow!...I never expected a Birthday spanking, like the one I received. My backside was on fire!

~~Anyway, here's how it all began:

>> The things we do in life, sometimes, seem like the right thing,---no matter how "naughty"---but, the consequences, in the end, can be anything but a pleasure. I found this out, for sure, on my Birthday.

>> Weeks before the Party, before I'd even sent out the invitations, I was on the phone with my Older Sister, Shannon. She told me, she was going to be out of town, with her husband, Rick, and their teenage daughter, Molly. She was sorry she wouldn't get to see me, for my 28th Birthday, but she had to take a trip down to Florida. Her husband's mother, (Grandma Joanie), had just had open-heart surgery, and was still in the hospital down there. They were going to go down, and see her...make sure, she was settled, and everything was okay with her.

>> "Hey, listen, Amber," She said, "Why don't you have your party at my place; there's so much more room here. It'd be great. You could put my home directions, on the invitations, and everyone could have a good time. I know how small Paul's apartment is. You're turningt 28, and going to be married soon. I can't be there, but I can let you have my house, if you want."

>> "Oh, Sis!!...That's so sweet. I hope Grandma is fine. I'll have the party at your house. It's so close to the city~~right there, in Floral Park. It'll be cool. Your house'll be perfect..Thanks, so much..."

>> "No Problem, Amber. Have a great Birthday. I'll leave the house-key under the mat for you. Give Paul, our love....Take care, little sis. See ya when we get back."

>> That was the best part!~~and, fell right into my planning.

My sister's house, nestled in suburbia (Long Island), was beautiful; large and beautiful. They had a basement, and a super sound system, and it was..perfect! I couldn't have been happier, as I made out the invitations. Paul & I wrote out the invites, and asked for RSVPs. We asked that the guests BYOB (bring your own booze), but Paul said he'd have plenty of food & drink, for all.

>> Mandy, dear Mandy, was the first to respond. She wrote:

"Oh, Amber! I'm so sorry about New Year's Eve!! I'll be @ your Sis's House...with bells on!

Tina, followed:

"Hi, Amber: I got your invite. I'll be there....if anything, to give you a Birthday Spanking!!!! (lol!)." [ Well. I had plans for Tina!! For sure!!! This was cracking up to be a VERY VERY special Birthday for me. Tina, was the true target of my pranks...she deserved a blistered ass, just like Paul & I received. She's not kidding me, or Mandy, or Carol.]

I heard from Carol too : "Hello, old friend!! Your 28th Birthday..It's been ages..I think of you often..my love..(remember??)..I'll be there, and give you a kiss!!! {yes, it's true! For a short time, me & Carol played around~~testing out the new vibes, ya know?}

>> I planned everything down to the last minute. Paul called Tony's Pizza, and ordered some trays of Penne alaVodka, Sausage Pizza, and Garlic Knots. We got in some of our favorite Merlot (from Australia). The music was remixed, by Paul..5 CD's of special tracks...Love it!.

>> Behind everything, I was shaking in anticipation of "letting it ALL hang out"---butt naked!!!---on my Birthday. But, so would Tina, Mandy, and Carol....even, Paul, hopefully. A few people from McGeary's Bar would also be at my Sis's house. Some of the regulars we knew, and a few women...who'd caught us all with our pants down, on New Year's Eve---on Tina's Birthday---would be there.

>> Paul told me, "Whatever you want on your Birthday...whatever you want to do..Is okay with me. Whatever you wish., Amber, it's granted. I mean it, Amber. Just ask, and it's yours."

>> "Oh, Paul. Just remember...when I go downstairs, into the basement, with Tina, I want you to hush everyone, and play the cassette tape I give you. Then, when we come back upstairs....let the show begin!!!!"

>> "What show??"

>> "Let's just say, Tina's in for some April Fool's Pranks...and, Spanks!!!"

>> "Oh no, not again...Amber!"....

>> "....Yes, again. Don't tell me you're not up for this...I can see you are...."

>> And so,

>> Paul, dear man, did exactly as I wanted.

>>And then some, unfortunitely, for me! Oh, I was very, very naughty...but, so, Sooooo Hot!

Love, Amber.>> :0

(Continued, in Part Three. xx,Cain **3/6/07.)

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