Thursday, March 15, 2007

AMBER ~~[Part FIVE] ~~ "in for some fanny warming."






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>> Looking back, I can see how I went a little too far. Everything just sort of fell into place, without any time to change a behavior, or redirect my mind, upon what I did--or, what, I was doing. I felt so damn "naughty;" but, at the same time, was getting such a kick out of "letting it all hang out."

>> Paul, I could see, was kind of shocked, when he took a gander at my pussy. Every bit of me was completely on-view. There I was, standing with my legs, somewhat akimbo, holding onto Tina's earlobe, and smacking her bottom.

>> Tina's face, went pink-to-crimson, as she struggled; trying to cover her exposure. We were a picture of opposites: Me, so out there, happy, and "naughty" in my nudity....while, Tina did all she could, to shield her privates, her breasts---(without much success, I might add.)

>> As far as my April Fool's pranks went...Paul, Mandy, and Carol, were in for some surprises also. I don't think Paul was too happy with the robes I'd provided. Each robe, was monogramed with their names---"PAUL," "MANDY," and "CAROL"---but, there was also a nice, scissored, hole, stategically cut out of the back...Their bare asses, were completely exposed...ready, for anything!!!

>> Paul and Mandy were standing by the stereo system, with their backs, facing the cabinets and shelving. Carol sat on the couch, with both legs, demurely crossed. The two, naked girls, from McGeary's, continued to dance, and cavort...spanking each other's bare bottoms. It was like watching New Year's Eve, all over again.

>> Placed upon a coffee table, in front of the couch, was my, three-layer, Birthday Cake. Paul, special ordered it from The Tuilip Bakeshop----Strawberry and Cherry sauce, filled. The candles were on the cake, unlit.

>> I smiled, with glee, as the guests---from McGeary's---cheered, and hooted. Paul and Mandy, I must point out, didn't share their excitement. I could tell, they were somewhat embarrassed, and shocked, by what I'd put into motion....but, heck!!! It was MY BIRTHDAY...and Paul did say I could do whatever I wanted...didn't he???

>> They were covering their asses now; however, when the time came, they'd take off their robes...and dance----just as "naughty," and naked, as me!!!

>> Well...that was the set up. I'd planned everything to a tee.

>>My Birthday was going to be unforgettable, and at the end of this Party...this, April Fool's Day..We'd ALL make asses of ourselves, and still be friends...for life!!

>> I'm sorry to say, there'll have to be a PART SIX....

>>....Paul's just got done reading PART FIVE, and he says, I'm "in for some Fanny Warming."

>> If you could see my face, right now, you'd see the heat I'm butt-naked, each night, writing this out...I keep prolonging the shameful spectacle I made of myself. Gotta go, now....

"The End," will come, in PART SIX----but, for now, I've got an appointment with Paul's lap. >> Hugs & Kisses, with a red face, Amber. ^__*

Ummm...guess we'll be seeing "the end," in PART SIX. xx,cain. bottoms Up!

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