Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The End :

The Law of The American Jungle:

Remain calm, and share your bananas.

~x~ Bill.
Ps : One good turn of phrase deserves another: "Texas, We got a Problem." [READ my Lips: FUCK YOU!]


Charlie said...

you have more names than a thing with many names!!

b/adam said...

Yes. That's True.
I was asked to give up one:

adam. I did.

I went and looked for others to take it's place. (I loved the theme of adam; what the name represented, when I moved from California to New York.~~if peoplw don't get that, too bad.)

~~I was happy. There was no replacing adam.

(my anger is at how this has been tranformed into my being a "Psycho" & a "motherfucker," who has so many names, the one who asked me not to be "adam," is "tired of typing my personalities.")

This cannot be ignored; particularly, when I saw blogging as a way to express my own life, in my own way...

...and now, there's not even that for me to enjoy.

Good luck to you all.

I'm only "one" person, and that person, is truly hurting tonight.

THis IS the End.

xx,Bill. (Take it Texas..I don't care.

Charlie said...

Bill - Just be you. Why do you need to be anyone else? I dont want you to be hurting and you can still have ways of expressing yourself as 'you' but not be known to those close to you.

Why give up the outlet that you so obviously, like the rest of us, need? That better not be the last call, the final curtain. You owe it to yourself. please.

Lil Bit said...

Y'know, it's interesting... Some folks do the same thing as another, but when the other does it, they'll call it "loony" or whatever. Funny how some things are ok for some folks but not ok for others. Just goes to show ya that some folks just think it's all about them & live by the adage "do I say (& judge), but not as I do".
And THAT'S psycho.

Let all that crap go, sweetie, but stay around if that's what you need.
Be yourself & use whatever username you want to... EVERYONE else in bloggerland does it and so can you.

Tara Tainton said...

Cool photo! And you know the hair turns me on. ;)


emmenemmanasta said...

tell me where you are. i will come pick you up.



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